I sold these artworks recently at an auction. As always whenever I sell my art, it’s a mixed feeling of sentimentality as well as joy. I feel a very deep part of me being shared and yet am glad and know that it brings the new family much pleasure, peace and wondrous feelings when they look at it.
Moving forward ~ more creations!
Thoroughly enjoyed titling my artworks for the Underwater Light Forest Series:)
Pomegranate and Seedlings Meander
Pomegranate and Seedlings Meander, Dipa Ein Siak
The Travels of Spiral & Flitter 
The Travels of Spiral & Flitter, Dipa Ein Siak
A Tropical Linger 
A Tropical Linger, Dipa Ein Siak

The series stacked together to form a pillar of Underwater Light Forest.

Sold! The Underwater Light Forest Series, Dipa Ein Siak