Useful Art Secrets

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Follow Nature’s Rhythm

In this world of fast food & high-speed technology, we get easily &
unconsciously swept away by the unnatural pace of life.

Creating sensitive art usually takes time ~ So accept this fact & you will enjoy the process.
Making art can help you to slow down the pace of your life to the rhythm of your heart.

Art by Ong Yuyi


Layer Your Work

Art by Isobelle Ouzman

The beautiful work gives a good illusion of deep depth due to the
number of physical layers she has created in this altered book art piece.


Do Your Research & Use References

To create believable imaginary art, good artists always tap into references.
Here, the artist of the banshee in Avatar, the movie, studies the difference
in the surface texture of a toy frog & a real frog. To fully comprehend the reasons
why one looks plastic & why the other looks real? He then applies his
observations to the rendering of the skin for the creature.
The outcome is one magnificently realistic maginary creature.


3D with Tones

According to science, the eye can perceive
up to around 450 different shades of grey.
So if you want a more 3 dimensional quality to your
piece, ensure to use a range of tones to level up your work!


Focus on What You Love & Create from
Things & Ideas that Mean Something to You.

Art by Brain Selznick

Brian Selznick is the author & illustrator for “Wonderstruck”.
He explains that he writes about characters that he cares about.
He writes about things he loves, such as museums, deaf culture, New York in 1927 & 1977.
The love of these elements & the characters will shine through to the reader & viewers.

Dry Mediums

Wet Mediums