The Visionary ART Workshop

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The Visionary Light & Sound Session

The Visionary
Light & Sound Session

A Light & Sound Based Positive Brainwave Entrainment for Visual Journeys, Relaxation & Inner Explorations

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Go On An Adventure

To A Realm Of Dimensions Within Your Authentic Self
A safe, passive & non-invasive guided journey using a revolutionary state of art technology involving light sound to help you to give your chattering mind a rest, to relax, tap into your creativity, your true inner world. The light & sound meets you where you are at.
“If there is no meditation, then you are like a blind
man in a world of great beauty, light & colour.”
“If there is no meditation,
then you are like a blind man
in a world of great beauty, light & colour.”

How Does It Work?

The Ancient wisdom on the power of light & rhythmic sound to produce raised states of consciousness has been well documented since Ancient civilisation & used as guides where one may experience the Divine. The Visionary or Ajna Light works through visual brain wave entrainment using specific light sequences are designed to guide you into selective meditative, creative & highly relaxed states of Consciousness.
The photic-sensory information induced from light stimulates the cerebral cortex through the thalamus affecting brainwave activity. In 200.A.D, Ptolemy studied the flickering light effect phenomenon & found that colours & geometric patterns appeared in the eyes of the experiencer, along with feelings of euphoria & relaxation.

Traditional spiritual wisdom from Ancient Egyptians, Greeks & Chinese hold common views that the highest levels of spiritual achievements are through the process of “light alchemy”, hence the etymology of “enlightenment”.

Supports & Activates

*Letting Go
*Quality sleep
*Clarity of mind
*Centring & balance
*Inner visions & creativity
*Inner Wisdom & Intuition
*Effortless Deep relaxation
*Effortless meditative state
*Inner contentment & bliss
*Connection with a larger reality
*Regeneration of cells & much more

The Visionary Light device may entrain your brain to Alpha: Very relaxed, reflective states, Theta: Deeply relaxed, meditative states & Delta: sleep & dream state.