The Merlion Life Art Games for Children

As adults, many of us forget or underestimate the power that children have to help us develop to our full potential.

Aim of the Life Art Project
There are many ways to touch happiness.  Here at The Visionary ART Workshop, we have developed a Life ART Game coined, “The Merlion Life Art Projects” specially designed for children to bring success and happiness in 3 areas Family Relationships, Businesses and Love.

The games aim to trigger and support the power of purity and inner strength that children have.  They act as a mirror for us to see the power that we can reclaim back within ourselves.
You need to feel the appropriateness of the games for each child, the general recommended ages for these games is between 4 to 7.

Encouragement & Non-judgemental Approach
We need to highlight that encouragement and a non-judgemental approach is essential for this process. This is crucial for children to flower to the best that they can be.

At the end of each project, it’s good to point out what you like best about their work and also to form the habit of having their friends say one thing nice about each other’s artwork.

Art Materials
The type of art materials you use is very important so that children are able to see and feel the brilliance of colours on their paper.  Below are our recommendations from our years of tried and tested experience.  some recommendations.  They are chosen for their quality and are fairly affordable.

Coloured Pencils and Watercolour Pencils:  Staedtler, Luna series only.
Watercolour Paper: Min 300 gsm, student grade pad by Daler Rowney.
Watercolour Brushes:  Ashley

The Story Behind the Name 
The Merlion or Sea-Lion is the national mascot for Singapore.  Although it’s supposed to be viewed a female, it embodies a balance of feminine (The sea which can symbolise flow and change. ) as well as masculine traits (A lion and it’s symbol of courage).  We feel fortunate to have grown up and developed in this peaceful and beautiful garden city, as such, we are honouring the Merlion by naming this series of empowering life-art games after her.

Developing Intuition

How It Supports
*Allows the child to learn to trust herself / himself.
*Builds confidence & self esteem.

Crystals or Stones
Coloured pencils

1.  Hide crystal in one hand and children guess which hand the crystal is in.
2.  They get to keep the crystal after making 3 correct guesses.
3.  Look closely at each crystal and see the different colours.  Teach the children how to overlay colours using coloured pencils.

The Elements Within Me

How It Supports
*  Connect children closely to nature, to respect nature, to respect themselves.
*  Children are validated for who they are.
*  Children have a strong foundation to stay connected to their true nature  – joy – for all their lives.

*Have 4 Different Types of crystals / stones closely related to: Water, Air, Earth & Fire.
(Could be based on colour of the crystals, eg: Aquamarine, lapis lazuli for water or air, citrine or stone for earth (tree may represent earth), garnet etc for fire)
*You may also find gentle music or sounds that represent each element and play this in the background.
*Coloured pencils

1.  Close eyes
2.  Children hold one type of crystal and go into the feeling of the element. Gently guide them with imagery to help them become that element.
3.  Allow the children to flow with the inner imagery – of what they may experience or see around them as water or a tree or fire.
4.  Children can draw out what they have seen and experienced.

The Listening Game

Different Crystals & Stones
Marker pens
Coloured Pencils

1.  Close eyes
2.  Say hello and feel each crystal
3.  Hold it to your heart or ear and listen to what each crystal is saying to you.  Does it have a message to you?
4.  Draw out it’s message
5.  Children get to keep their favourite crystal that they have connected with.

Inner Colours

Gentle soft soothing music without lyrics
Colour pencils or watercolour and watercolour pencils.
If using water based mediums:  Watercolour paper, watercolour brushes and jar of water for rinsing.
Kitchen towel for drying brushes.


  1. Crystals may show colours to children, put on some soothing gentle background music.
  2. Children lie down holding one or two crystals with eyes closed (maybe with eye patch)
  3. Colours may start emerging. Ask them what shapes they see, what colours they may see.
  4. Children draw and paint out what they have seen.
  5. Allow children to share verbally and admire each other’s work.

What are & Why Crystals?
Crystals are alive and conscious. Looking at the periodic table of the elements; carbon is the sixth element, which is associated with ll organic chemistry and everything that is normally considered to be alive.
But directly below it, one octave below, is the element of silicon, the primary element of quartz crystal and 80% of the Earth’s crust.

In the 50’s, scientist discovered that silicon and carbon displayed the same exact principles of life. Carbon and Silicone are the only two elements known that create life.
Science has found life-forms deep in the ocean that are alive, conscious, and reproductive, whose bodies are made up of 100% silicon, with no carbon whatsoever.

Understand, crystals are aware of far more than what we humans give them credit for. Marcel Vogel, a world-renowned scientist who holds over 200 patents, including one for the floppy disk, discovered that crystals are able to receive and send both human thoughts and emotions. It makes since when you realize that the first radio in the world was a “crystal set”.

You simply placed a quartz crystal on a table, touched a wire to the crystal somewhere on it and you could hear the radio signal through the speakers. The crystal was picking up the electromagnetic signal in the radio band of frequencies.

Both human thoughts are also found in the electromagnetic range of frequencies.
Thoughts are very very long wavelengths compared to radio waves, but except for the length of their wavelengths, they are exactly the same.
So why wouldn’t a crystal be able to pick up your thoughts?

Computers are nothing but crystals, and without crystals, computers would not exist. it is the living nature of a crystal that allows computers to do what they do. Natural crystals can hold a ‘program’, which means a thought pattern, and continue to replay that thought pattern for eternity unless someone erases the program.
A properly programmed crystal can change and influence vast area in the human world.

This great write up is by Sherri Herrmann,