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Press Release, 11th September, 2014
Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids
Pyramid Tunnel New Radio Carbon Dating Analysis
The Worlds most active Archaeological project prepares to close the 2014 season on
21st September. A total 375 people have participated from 29 countries over a four
month investigation season.
Investigation this year has concentrated in three prime areas:
• Accumulation of cultural materials in support to Human activity and
occupation in the distant past
• Materials characterisation and analysis
• Preservation of archaeological features The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids complex covers some 40km2 in area,
encompassing 6 main structures and the subterranean Ravne Tunnel complex. It is
situated 30 km North of the capital city Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, in the town of
Investigation in the Ravne tunnel complex has concentrated on identifying Cultural
activity in support of human construction and occupation theory.
“We have very clear evidence of construction materials concentrated on and around an area known as K5 Megalith, buried 200m into the land form”, commented
Timothy Moon- Archaeological Manager.
The K5 megalith is constructed from a ceramic material on the exterior, is positioned
in the floor of the tunnel complex just centre meters above the water table. The
Megalith is in fact a Mega Ceramic, is buried under hundreds of thousands of tons of
conglomerate deposited at some point in the distant past. It is estimated to have a mass in excess of 100 tons. “Foundation stones and large cut blocks have been located on top of the archaeological feature establishing its use by early man as an occupational or ceremonial site. In close proximity we have recorded 8 culturally modified stone blocks and art objects”- says Moon. Carbon 14 dating in 2013 has provided a time reference of 20,100BP. These discoveries confirm human activity at the site prior to deposition of millions of tons of conglomerate. Further investigations are underway within the labyrinth. A 70m section of ancient tunnels is being excavated with a three fold focus, first-1 preservation of the original architecture, design and engineering, – 2nd dating profiles to the tunnel system, thirdly- exploring a link to the pyramids main access tunnels. In July a team of divers lead by Dr Semir Osmanagich discoverer and principal investigator and Timothy Moon archaeological manager, entered a 200m water section deep within the underground labyrinth to investigate its parameters. Stalactite material was retrieved in the process and submitted for dating profile in the USA. The material is important as it establishes a minimum time stamp prior to which the tunnel system existed- that is stalactites can only form after the tunnel is constructed. Results of the Carbon 14 analysis certify a calibrated date of 7,400BP. To expand on this date consideration must be provided to the growth rate and mass of the total stalactite. A 30mm sample was retrieved from the exposed and distal end of a ceiling crystal of 125 mm in length. This provides a further indication to the antiquity of the tunnel system now estimated to exceed 22,000BP. The Bosnian Pyramid Foundation has established construction phases for the pyramidal features at circa 30,000BP and a complementary serries of dates for the companion pyramid tunnel labyrinth stretching back 20,100BP. The Bosnian Pyramids represent ancient civilisation from a period before the last Ice Age, a time when Homo sapiens sapiens were suppose to be nomadic Hunter Gatherers living in loose Bands deficient in organised society and not possessing sills or knowledge required to construct megalithic architecture. “Yet again, this archaeological project is presenting scientific evidence in support of truly great civilisation existing in pre-diluvian time. The accumulation of scientific data, cultural artefacts and archaeological features simply can not be ignored any longer by mainstream academia- to do so is to deny the people of the World a truth. We are committed to pursuing scientific evaluation in support of the ancient structures presenting and announce these findings as evidence of truly ancient, advanced and forgotten civilization”. states Moon. To volunteer in this important project contact:

Reclaiming Sovereignty

I’ve received an email from Semir ‘Sam’ Osmanagich thanking me for the article The and the , and also sending some further information from last summer’s dig, which shows how our ancestors, 12,000 years ago, were way ahead of us in astronomy, geodesy, sustainable living, healing, engineering, and clean and free energy-generation. Here it is …

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