Self Awareness Art

An exciting series of Art Awareness Workshop specially designed for those who are ready to give time to yourself.  For those who are ready to discover & explore deeper into yourself within a non-judgemental and safe environment.

This journey will include many different active and creative guided visualisations, tapping into the multi-dimensional and creative right brain, bringing light to how we function, understand how we can remain centered within the ”busi-ness” of a city.

Take responsibility for your emotions by re-learning how to guide yourself towards joy, peace and love ~ allowing your inner power to shine through.

Sign ups are on private individual basis, ongoing year round.

Contact to find out more.

This workshop is for you if you resonate with any 3 or more of the following statements:
I would love to:

    • Feel & Re-experience myself.
    • Tap into my wisdom self
    • Align to my true nature
    • Rekindle my passion for life
    • Explore my innate creative spirit
    • Feel Inner peace, happiness and harmony
    • To find out what is and how to use the Power of Intention Effectively
    • Explore the Power of the Imagination
    • Learn simple methods to lift my energetic vibrations
    • Let Go of Blaming & Be in my power
    • Gain more clarity about my life
    • Learn how to change old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve and create new ones that do
    • Experience The Healing Art of Unconditional Active Listening
    • Experience The Art of Unconditional Self Love
    • Expand my inner world to multidimensional possibilities
    • Connect to Source, Essence, the Universe or God.

      Please note: For friends interested in catharsis art, may we direct you to google online for “Art Jamming” sessions.  Exceptions upon discussion.

Due to the sensitive nature of this class, lessons will be conducted individually.
No previous art or creative background required.
Pre-requisite ~ An open heart & commitment to your mind, body and soul 🙂

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Dipa Ein Siak is certified & trained in both Psychotherapy and Systemic Family Constellation work. Over the years, she has guided hundreds of people towards self awareness and well being. She is the Founder of the wellness group, Garden of Consciousness, set up to support people to re-learn how to live a more conscious, joyous and peaceful life.