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Soul Art ~ A Journey Into You

Do you wish to have a deeper connection with the magical realms & other dimensions beyond this 3D world through art?  The intangible energy of "unconditional love" is one such example.
To be able to touch the magic of life or perhaps you already are having beautiful visions & would like to know how to better express them through prophetic or spiritual art & share those more coherently with the world.

If you are reading this, you may be someone or know of someone with unusual talents, extrasensory perception gifts or who are 'sensitives' or empaths.

Everyone from any religious & spiritual backgrounds are respected & accepted here. 
We have guided & are guiding many amazing & beautiful individuals here at The Visionary ART Workshop who are developed in this area.

The Journey Into You

Each person has their unique path and also due to the sensitive nature of this class, these art workshops will be conducted individually unless otherwise requested.
The secret gateways to re-connect with God, the universe or our inner wisdom is through our senses.
Here is a content guide to the magical paths that we could take, both down to earth & esoteric:

*  How to tap into your own visions.
*  How to enhance your senses and widen your perceptions.
*  How to honour yourself as a person.
*  How to release fears and embrace life.
*  How to approach & prepare for Intuitive Art.
*  Understanding of & experimenting with different art mediums to find the one that resonates with you.
*  How to use the art mediums of your choice.
*  Understanding colours.
*  Exploring sacred geometry.
*  How to create depth and alternate dimensions in your work.
*  How to create balance and harmony in your work.
*  How to create your personal sacred space.
*  How to work with your supportive loving guides and how this helps. (angelic, gods/goddess, ascended masters, ancestors)


This is a safe arena where we can support you to discover more of yourself, to honour yourself, to learn how to integrate with your day to day life in this world and to support you in your life's purpose or to develop your prophetic art further by bringing them to life so that you may better spread & share your light with others.

The Visionary Light & Sound session is included as part of this class for those who wish to experience & work with it.

Contact Dipa here if you feel a resonance with this. 


Dipa Ein Siak is certified & trained in both Psychotherapy and Systemic Family Constellation work. Over the years, she has guided hundreds of people towards self awareness and well being. She is the Founder of the wellness group, Garden of Consciousness, set up to support people to re-learn how to live a more conscious, joyous and peaceful life.