Highly acclaimed Art class. Learn how to draw & get creative. Get art portfolio support to art colleges. Experience something more than Art.

Adults & Teens Art Class

Peaceful, Relaxing, Professionally Informed Art Lessons for All

Highly acclaimed multi-medium art class for teens and adults
by experienced London trained Art & Design Education Specialist 
Learn the Secrets of Drawing, Painting and Creating in
probably the best intimate & personalised Art Class in Singapore.

We are now inviting you to join online art classes via zoom or skype!
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Age intake -11 years - 111 years old. (Enquire for exceptions.)

This art workshop offers you highly advanced technical guidance through awesome, made simple step by step instructions and methods. Discover what art instructors and artists do not share over on Youtube. More importantly, you will get to explore and learn the secrets of how artists see, think, feel and experience the world.

Gifted in teaching with over 20 years of experience, what makes these art workshops unique and fascinating is that it is much more than just an art class ~ Dipa will unveil the mysteriesof how Art & Life are intrinsically interwoven.

"When you see the connection of how Art comes from Life, the lessons of why and what you are learning will make full sense. Your learning will naturally deepen, adding a more enriching kaleidoscope of colours to your life."  Dipa Ein Siak

Dipa will also share personal secrets and tips on how exploring Art can support living your passion and living joyously - in all areas of your life!

This is the creative gateway where students will learn and experience:

*HOW TO DRAW WELL ~ It is a myth that only the chosen few can draw.  With informed guidance, anyone can learn how to if they really want.  Drawing forms the basis that allows for most of the other techniques to fall easily into place. Come and experience for yourself how this happens!

*THE ELEMENTS & PRINCIPLES OF ART & DESIGN ~ The art journey will give you a very clear understanding of the core fundamental principles of art & design.  We will show you how it is related to life and who we are as human beings.

*DIFFERENT MEDIUMS ~ Have plenty of fun exploring & experimenting with different mediums, discovering the best and new ways of expressing and doing!

*HISTORY of ART & ART GENRES ~ Learning is made interesting as we introduce Art History and different Art Genres by weaving it into each topic so that there is a sense of relevance and connection to your artistic journey.  You will start having an awareness for art appreciation and an understanding of classical as well as contemporary creative processes.

*THE 'YOGA of ART' & METAPHYSICS OF CREATION ~ This is a fascinating and interesting exploration that all students love here at The Visionary ART Workshop.  A space created for lively and eye-opening discussions.  Difficult to put into few short lines of words, only to be understood once you experience it for yourself!

*LEFT & RIGHT BRAIN BALANCE ~ We activate and re-balance both sides of your brains through art & creative play, that's how genius use theirs!

*SENSING & FEELING ~ We guide students to remember how to see the extraordinary through the ordinary beyond space and time.

There is a relevant and extensive private collection of great books for art referencing.  Students are also welcome to request and order books of topics not found in our giant art bookcase.

Certificates of participation and certificates of different skill sets may be issued upon request.

We give the Best to nurture the Best!

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Art classes for adults and teens is highly rated by current and past students for its richly textured syllabus, suitable for total beginners to practising artists.

We support you fully to bring your creative self to a blossoming shiny reality!

Dipa is experienced with and support adults and teens with special needs or extra sensory perceptions.


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