Other Design Services

Interior Energy Design Consultancy
The space that we occupy encapsulates our being and affects the way we sense & perceive the world around as well as add or take away from how we feel within ourselves.  Creating a pleasurable environment to be in is one of the Dipa’s passion and specialities.

This is for you if you dislike shopping or would like assistance and advise on what looks best in your home to compliment you and to bring out the best in you for your well being.

Choose to create a space that is filled with any of the following:

* Love
* Well Being
* Peace, Serenity and Calm
* Fun
* Harmony
* Joy
* Warmth
* Light
* Focus
* Sensuality
* Creativity

This service may include:
* Assessment & Consultancy of interior design of space.
* Sourcing for home furnishings, materials & other relevant items.
* Purchasing of home furnishings, materials & other relevant items.
* Arrangement and overseeing the placement and installation of furnishings, materials and other relevant items.
*All materials to be paid for by client.

Interior Energy Design Consultancy Fees
May include one or more of the above services: S$150/hr, includes travelling expenses within Singapore.
Travel outside of Singapore will be charged separately.

Pre-assessment Fees
a) Photo assessment of living or working space: S$160/hr including phone call discussion.
b) On site visit and assessment of living or working space: S$180/hr including transport.

All Pre-assessment payments to be made in advance.

Every extra half hour or less: S$60

Fine Art Paintings & Drawings Commissions
Commission an art piece specially created for your space!

Personalise your wall with a beautiful mural!

Fine Art Paintings & Drawings Rental
Wish to have beautiful art pieces on your walls but you do not wish to purchase it fully?  Rent one on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  Prices vary according to the price and number of paintings.
All you need to pay for is:

1.  Rental price
2.  Transport charges (by the courier TQBIN)
3.  Insurance of artwork (optional)

Personal Creative Fashion Advisor and Shopper
This is for you if you wish to get advise on the type of style that will help to accentuate the best of you.  Where to go for style that suits you and your budget.
Ladies, we are also working together with trained makeup artists to assist you to complete the look.

Investment: First consultation ~ $150/hr.  Thereafter, $100 and up.