How To
Develop Creativity

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Be childlike, free yourself &
draw just for the fun of it.
Let go of judging yourself &
any fear of being judged.


Travel out of the country at least once a
year. Get on a random buses & let it
take you where it takes you. Get off
wherever you fancy & explore the area.

This serves to refresh & renew your
perceptions adding to a more expanded you.


Approach your artwork through
different unconventional ways.

Use unfamiliar tools to create with.
There is no absolute ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way.

Change your working environment,
change your perspective.

Look at the world through different lens.

Keep your mind open to all forms of art.
You don’t have to love it, but you can learn
to appreciate other’s points of view.

Cut out images from old magazines.
Put the images together.
Create your new adventure world.

Sometimes, when you don’t know
what to draw, just practise
observational art, draw what you see.

Get the largest sheet of paper that you can find.
The theme is: “Deliberately Make Mistakes”.
Leave aside the concern about doing it ‘right’
because you are supposed to do the opposite.
Simply enjoy the quality of the medium used.

If it’s ink, splatter, drip, overlay, if it’s oil
pastels, rub, scrub, dilute, scratch etc.
Stand back & look for areas that you love
& there will be plenty! Enjoying the process
& just having fun is the key to creativity!

Remember we mentioned using an
unconventional tool to draw or paint with?
Why not make your own. Use them as they
are or create your own. The trick is to do it
without thinking too hard about it. One of the
main keys to creativity – Enjoy the process!

Keep doodle drawing & doodle painting
every day. Just for the sheer JOY of it !