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Applying to an art college may be a daunting task, especially
if you have very little art background or you are planning to
join an art college in an unfamiliar country abroad. Here, I have
whittled down 8 art tips that they generally look for in an art
portfolio regardless of which faculty you are applying to.
This information is based on my own experience
as art student before & as an art lecturer today.
Advice I wished I had when I was a student many many years ago!

Art Portfolio Tip 1

Show Your Drawing Skils

The foremost important factor that interviewers
look out for in most good art colleges is to see
that you have excellent observational skills.

Get some everyday ordinary objects & start drawing them.
It is about making the ordinary extraordinary!

Art Portfolio Tip 2

Express Your Creativity

Being creative requires courage to be able to
think outside of the box. To not worry about
what others might think of you because you
are comfortable with & love the way you are.

Your creativity can be best showcased
in your sketchbooks & art studies journey.

Approach your sketch book as a glorious visual
diary, an extension of who you are & how you
feel about the world around you or beyond !

Kasey’s inspiration came from her love of the
plants & foliage Australia in where she grew up.
She combined that with her fascination for the
kaleidoscope & created a stunning paper colle piece.

Jiwon’s portfolio brief from Rhode Island School of Design was:
“Bicycle”. Instead of drawing it in the usual position, she found an
old bicycle & got her parents to dent it by having them drive over
it with their car. She then drew herself with the dented bicycle
in different poses. Above is the detailed section of her drawing.
Needless to say, her creativity paid off & she got into RISD.

Callie doodled an event that stood out for her for each single day. The result is a superb comic style rendition of her personal visual diary.

Art Portfolio Tip 6

Art & Design Fundamentals

Have a good grounding of the Art & Design Fundamentals.
Showcase this in your work. Show your ‘art working’ lines,

marks & grids whenever appropriate. Do not erase those!
These show the interviewer the process of your work &
your understanding of the Art & Design Principles.

Art Portfolio Tip 7

There are artworks that are dead & art that are vibrant & alive.
This can be felt by the person viewing your work.
So, it is vital to allow your heart to guide your creation.

Art Portfolio Support Portals

Art Portfolio Video Support

We have also collated many art portfolio video support for students.
Simply scan the code below to transport yourself to
The Visionary ART Workshop telegram channel !
Once there, go to the search bar, type: art portfolio.


Art Portfolio Visual Support

For inspiration & ideas of subject matter for your art portfolio,
visit the “Portfolio for Art” album on pinterest. Over the years, we have
collected a large collection the very best artworks for art students there.


Hope this has been useful to you & we wish you every success in your applications !