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To be able to create energetically uplifting and soulful art that people might enjoy, I first need to look after myself. Nourishing the mind and soul comes easily for me, however, I realize that I have been neglecting the care of my body – essentially our ‘temple’ that houses our mind and soul. Mind, Body, and Soul, in Christian terms, relate to Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. All 3 work hand in hand together.
This one thing that instilled fear and psychological block in me, was THE gall bladder cleanse. Hearing the way my friends who have done it utter the word ‘nausea’ a few times, was enough to put me off – my one and only major fear and dread I have, the idea of feeling nauseous. However, I was determined to go through it for my body’s sake.
Here is the shopping list and what we need to drink:
1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 4 oz
2. Limes, Lemons, or Grapefruit – 4 oz fresh juice
Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate MgSO4) – 4 tablespoons.


Day 1

2:00 pm Stop eating and drinking. Mix all of the Epsom Salt (MgSO4) with 1 liter (4 cups) of water. The saltwater may be chilled if you find it easier to drink.
6:00 pm Drink one cup (250 ml) of saltwater.
8:00 pmDrink one cup of saltwater.
9:45 pmMix Olive Oil and Fresh Juice in a glass. Finish all evening chores and get reading for bed.
10:00 pm Drink the whole Oil/Juice mixture standing next to your bed. Immediately lie down on your left side and raise your right leg up to your chest. Do not move for at least 20 minutes. Try to go to sleep in this position.Note: Other people and websites say to lay on your right side. The information above is from Diana’s channel; feel what is best for you

Day 2

6:00 am (or anytime after 6am) Drink one cup of saltwater
8:00 am Drink your last cup of saltwater
10:00 am Start to drink – any fresh fruit juice.
10:30 am Eat fruit.
11:30 am Eat regular food, but keep it light. By late afternoon up to mid evening you should feel recovered.
Now, I will share with you, how i got through the process in a wonderfully easy and joyous way! Hopefully, these tips will help you through yours.
1. What to Expect: What does Epsom Salt taste like? – no one could describe it to me. All they could tell me was, “”It’s Horrible.” But here it is, from my experience: it has a sort of ‘magnetic’ or ‘metallic’ taste. It is not over-powering and quite subtle (if following the recipe above). There is also very little smell, so I realised my initial plan to close my nostrils when I swallowed was unnecessary. lol
2. Do this ritual in a sacred space. I did my salt cleanse in my bathroom which happens to be a very lovely place to be in. It’s surrounded by rainbows, nature and good vibes. (Another reason, you’ll see below soon.) My great bathroom below, I stood in font of sink and window.
3. Whatever your religion or beliefs maybe, call upon your guides for help – whether you believe or not, there’s no harm in asking for some help. They are more than willing to, but only when you ask. I called a whole team over to support me – the angelic realms, the different ascended masters, sentient beings, love and light water spirits, the whole ‘jingang’. (Singapore slang for group/crowd, orgin of word: jingbang.) That was how fearful I was! lol You may ask and say something like: Please help me to drink this easily and joyously, please bless this water that I drink so that it may make nourish my body, please make this water sweet to drink and so on. Whatever sentence that comes to you in that moment that you need to express in order to feel supported.

4.  Your hands can transmit energy, Your mind and spirit can create, use them!  Take a couple of deep breaths to quiet your  mind.  Place your hands over the Epsom salt water and visualise whatever colours or shapes that you love to course through your hands into the water, to bless and transform it.  (Science has long discovered that living water has a consciousness, so, through the power of your imagination and your feelings, you can transform it to an even higher vibration.  See Dr Masaru Emoto’s work on water crystals or watch the very fascinating documentary on the consciousness of water here ~ Water, The Great Mystery. )  I dipped my finger to taste the water after charging it and it had a sweetness to it which very pleasantly surprised me.

5. Rinse! Intuitively, i prepared 2 rinsing cups before hand. A) Cranberry Juice B) Water. This certainly helped a lot. After I drank the Epsom salt drink, I IMMEDIATELY gargled my mouth with them. (Hence, being in the bathroom with the sink was crucial to the process.)
6. After the 2nd cup of epsom salt drink ~ I started ‘releasing’, not sure what as I couldnt really see, it was just a mass of browns with bits and pieces. Everything comes out mainly from behind! However, that stopped after I drank the olive oil and lemon mixture.
7. Mix the Olive oil and lemon really well before you drink it ~ it’s actually surprisingly easy to do. I had this idea of having to swallow this thick drink but it’s actually not like that at all. The mixture is actually light and it’s essentially salad dressing. Quite lovely, easy and even sort of refreshing due to the lemons.
8. Get a book or a movies ready. I had my ipad with movies ready so time went whizzing by during the 20min lying down on my left side bit.
9. Try not to change positions. Lie on your left side with a pillow/bolster between your legs to prop up your right leg. I got a little restless after an hour of lying on my left side and so, I decided to switch to my right side. I turned a couple of times within an hour and a half. I noticed that this made me feel, very slightly nauseous, it was not very strong – just a subtle sensation and so was bearable until I eventually drifted off to dreamland.
10. Keep entire 2nd day – night free. Even though Diana’s website suggested that everything should clear by late afternoon, i noticed I was still ‘releasing’ up to 8pm or so. So, just keep your evening free just in case.
By the way, in between whilst waiting to drink, I wanted to be in a relaxed state, so, I dropped all work and did something very frivolous: I watched youtube videos on how to braid my hair in the many different styles and practising all day long. It was glorious to just be doing something so ‘mindless’ for the whole day for a change!
The passing out of gall stones were painless for me and it actually feels very good to get those stones out of your body.
So, this was my experience with my first epsom salt cleanse. I hope this has helped – all the best to your salt cleanse and a healthier you!

Diana Manilova’s Gall and Liver Cleanse process, click here.
Diana is a powerful Russian all rounded miracle lady, people label her as psychic, clairvoyant, healer and so on.  But she is much much more.  Thanks to her, I got to know of this recipe and had a good cleaning of my inner body.  Feels good!

Tip: Keep the lemons that you squeeze as a very effective natural fridge air freshener!

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