HOW TO Art Videos

We scour and find great how-to videos to share here of artwork by other great artists.   Many artists are unable to explain fully how they do what they do, here, we help you along with art pointers that add to the video.  Check it out!

How To Make Stencil & Graffiti Art by Matt Farina & filmmaker James Farina

How To Draw A Realistic Chocolate Bar by Marcello Barenghi

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Art tip to watch out for:

*Do you see how his paper is in one fixed position?  For many, this is not the appropriate way to attempt your drawing, especially if you are just starting out.
*Notice how he is constantly changing his medium.
*As with most artwork, the initial drawing won’t look great, if you feel you are observing everything correctly, keep going.  It always turns out fabulous after.
*He is creating the chocolate bar by observing shaping and shading principles.
*Creating contrasts in tones from very dark to very light will give any subject that you are drawing a 3 dimensional effect.
*This experienced artist took 4hrs & 40mins to complete this work.  Understand that art takes time.  if you are inexperienced, expect to take much longer, double the time or more.
*Rest your eyes by looking out of a window to a distance occasionally, it is especially soothing for the eyes to look at the green of plants.

Reflective Surface by Vamos Art

*Getting the initial contour drawing of the object is very important if you wish to achieve a realistic style of work.
*Putting in shadows will also greatly add to the three dimensional effect.
*Observe the characteristics of the object that you are drawing clearly.  Study it carefully first before you start rendering.  In this case, you may ask yourself, why does this metal look shiny and how does it give us the effect that it is?

How to Create A “WOW” Piece of Art that is Uniquely You

We love Freydoon Rassouli’s work.  It is full of depth and richness as he creates from his inner being.  This is one example of how you can learn to create what is uniquely yours.

* Be authentic, be You.
* Many people create from their minds as that is how we have been entrained by our educational system,  Create from your heart rather than your mind.
* Feel your art.  How do we feel? A funny question perhaps, but nonetheless, an important one. The very short answer is, connect with nature as much as you can. Look up at the sky once in a while, wonder at the vastness of this Universe.  Connect with trees, your pets and we mean REALLY see and feel them.  You can imagine if you were the tree or your pet, what would that feel like?

What is this Fusionart?

Recognized as “the best student artist in Iran” at the age of fifteen, Freydoon Rassouli was awarded a government grant to study painting in Europe. He has a unique way of reflecting spiritual experience by expressing images from his subconscious onto canvas.  Rassouli often stimulates creativity by meditating at dawn watching the sunrise in a natural setting, or by envisioning a mystical journey through a night sky. His style does not focus on what is literally seen by the artist, but by surrendering conceptually to what is felt on a deeper level.

Rassouli’s painting technique is known as Fusionart, a style that he has created to mean the union of the opposites. The painting style is derived from mysticism and a foundation in European painting technology.

Rassouli developed an early appreciation for painting and mystical poetry, he spent endless hours taking lessons from classical and impressionist artists, and studying mysticism. Soon he discovered new ways to transform his subconscious images into forms that he could share with others.

James Mylne Taking Time To Draw

We posted this important video to show you that creating takes time.  Even under time lapse video, you can hardly see much changes in the area that this artist is working on ~ that’s how slow it takes!

*How does this artist create with just a pen?
1.  The brand of pen matters, find one that doesn’t make splotches.
2.  You need to develop a sensitive hand-eye co-ordination and sensitivity to pen and surface.
3.  Use the ‘Daddy long legs Skimming’ method.
4.  Use short strokes.
5.  Love what you are doing ~ patience follows naturally.

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How A Simple Art Frame is Made

Ahmed showing us how a basic frame is made at Mr Soo’s Modern Art Gallery framing workshop.
Step 1~ Add wood glue to ready cut frame pieces.
Step 2 ~ Use the staple machine to join the frame corners together.
Step 3 ~ Measure your backing board.
Step 4 ~ Cut the backing board and sand the edges.
Step 5 ~ Choose either reflective or non-reflective glass plate and clean the glass plate.
Step 6 ~ Measure out the glass plate.
Step 7 ~ Cut with a sharp glass cutter.
Step 8 ~ Place glass and board into frame and insert metal holding pins.
Step 9 ~ (see video below) Seal with gummed tape, screw in rivets and add hanging wire.

Learn how to make and stretch your own canvas frames at Visionary ART Workshop!

How A Pencil is Made.

How Colour Pencils are Made ~ Fascinating.