I picked out an unfinished piece of work of mine one day and decided to work on it. I worked intuitively and in the midst of having fun and creating, I  was pleasantly surprised  that it started evolve into a description of exactly what was happening in my life.

I had just started a journey of  playing and exploring with the elemental energies  of fire & water.  The painting not only acted as an illustration of what was going on but it was also infused with blessings and good wishes for that journey that I was taking.

The Blessed Journey of Fire & Water by dipa ein siak


To create this energetically uplifting art piece, I used a combination of intuition together with awareness.  I started by checking to feel if I was in a good inner space.

I picked out colours by feeling where my hands wanted to go and what my eyes were drawn towards. Whatever that made me feel good, that’s the route I chose.

I also rely on bodily sensations as affirmations.  For instance, for me, bodily sensations that affirm are, tingling in my shoulder blades or a distinct and an indescribable sensation in my heart.

I hope this inspires and helps you to start your own intuition artwork!  You can discover so much about yourself and gain clarity in your life’s journey this way.

Remember, the key words are fun and timelessness! Enjoy!