Free Relaxation Tips

Relaxation is the key to creativity and true insights to questions you may have about your day to day life.  We will be periodically adding very simple and powerful guided visual and sound relaxation tips, some by ancient sages, in this segment for you to use.  We hope they add new colours of dimension to your life.

What is meditation?  Meditation is simply just bringing awareness to whatever you do in your life.  For instance, you could be aware when dancing, painting, singing or eating.

Mindfulness is the key step to inner happiness and  peace.
It has been said that to create a new positive habit takes 21 days, so attempt any of the below meditation for that period to form new mindset and a healthy way of being.

The only way to know which relaxation meditation is best for you is to experience and  experiment for yourself to see  and feel which one resonates best with you.

Feel free to contact Dipa if you need further guidance.

Unless otherwise stated, meditation source:

1.  Sit with your spine erect and relaxed.
2.  Close your eyes and allow the breath to calm your body and mind.
3.  Recall happy memories of heartfelt events you share with loved ones (family, partners, friends).
*Memories when you felt loved by them, when your heart burst with happiness and joy and your face smiled with light.
*Take your time to enjoy each and every memory that comes through in your meditation.
You are collecting life diamonds for your soul and making a beautiful chain of protection for your soul, for your happiness.
Time: 10 – 20mins per day.
AUM has been known since the beginning by the ancients, to be the vibrational sound of the Universe.  The three sounds: A-U-M are unique in that they are the only three sounds that can be uttered without moving your tongue.  So even animals are capable of uttering these sounds.
To create this sound is to align yourself to the natural order of the Universe.
To harmonise your mind, body and soul to it’s pure original state.
You will feel your health on all the levels of, mental, physical and emotional, transforming to light.
Sit with spine erect and relaxed.
For this to be effective, it is important to focus on the sensations of the body as you create the sounds.
When sounds are uttered without awareness, you are only then just lulling yourself to sleep.
1.  Sound out 7 times:  Ahhh.
Bring your attention to the vibration of the sound in your abdomen area.
2.  Sound out 7 times: Uuuu
Bring your attention to the vibration of the sound in your chest area.
3.  Sound out 7 times: Mmmm
Bring your attention to the vibration of the sound in your nasal region.
4.  Sound out 7 or 21 times all three sounds together:  Aaaa-Uuuu-Mmmm
*To manifest and create a healthy balance in all the areas of your life, it is important that all three sounds are sounded out in the same length of time.
Time: 15mins