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I chanced upon the website of<br> Paul LaViolette with regards to his recent visit to the Bosnian Pyramids.  He has compiled a very comprehensive lists of facts and recent findings of the pyramids which I will share here.  For more on Paul LaViolette and his lecture during his visit to Bosnia:

1) There are about seven pyramids and tumuli that are located in relatively close proximity to one another; i.e., within a few kilometers of distance. The largest pyramid, which has been named the “Pyramid of the Sun”, is the tallest pyramid in the world. It has a visible height of 220 meters and engineer Senad Bahor estimates that it could even be as high as 360 meters, based on a 3D computer model constructed through analysis of satellite ground imagery. The Bosnian “Pyramid of the Moon” comes in second place with a height of 190 meters. By comparison, the Giza pyramid, which formerly held the record as the tallest pyramid in the world, now comes in only at third place with a height of only 146.5 meters.
2) The pyramid of the Sun is oriented with respect to true north with an error of only 12 seconds of arc! This orientation is far more accurate than that of the Giza Pyramid which has an orientation error of about 3 minutes of arc, 15 times greater!
3) This pyramid complex is the oldest known made made structure in the world. A radiocarbon date on organic material under one of its cement slabs indicates an age of around 33,640 calendar years before present (~29,200 C-14 years BP); see photo below. Varved chronology records require that a correction of ~4400 years be added to the radiocarbon date to compensate for C-14 reservoir changes.) Other radiocarbon dates back up its antiquity. This places the pyramid’s construction in the middle of the ice age, about 8000 years after the extinction of Neanderthal man which had occurred about 40,000 C-14 years ago, or about 42,000 calendar years ago. Another radiocarbon date was secured on organic material found above a cement layer and beneath the overlying clay deposit covering the pyramid. This indicated a later burial date of 24,800 C-14 years, equivalent to 28,600 calendar years, which supports the earlier date for the pyramid itself.
4) The main structure of the pyramid is constructed of a cement made from a gravel conglomerate that was mined from a flood conglomerate layer that underlies the pyramid and adjacent area. Evidence of this excavation is the existence of a vast network of many kilometers of tunnels present in the region surrounding the pyramid. The cement has been laboratory tested and been determined to be of artificial origin, not natural origin. Tests have shown that it has a hardness and resistance to water penetration equal to the best cements achieved in this 21st century. Analysis showed that its fabricators made their cement by mixing their mined conglomerate rock material with a special binder made of roasted lime and clay. The cement was cast to form large slabs that were separated from one another by clay layers for greater structural stability. Also the builders used an slab interleaving technique that also improves structural stability.

5) There is what is called an “access plateau” leading up the south side of the pyramid.  It has the shape of a ramp that is 420 meters long, 35 meters wide, inclined at about 20°, and paved with sandstone tiles that have apparently been cut by human hand and transported to their present location.  When we realize that this pyramid was built about 600 kilometers from the southern edge of the European ice sheet and would have been subjected to mountainous flood waves (continental glacier waves) issuing from the surface of the ice sheet, we are led to the conclusion that the placement of this ramp on the south side of the pyramid may have been purposeful.  Not only did it afford access to the top of the pyramid, but it also served as a buttress against the tremendous force of glacier waves coming from the north.  So the pyramid’s engineers must have known about this erosional threat and incorporated this into the pyramid’s construction as a way of preserving the integrity of the pyramid against such flood catastrophes.

6) An electromagnetic energy beam issues vertically from the peak of the Pyramid of the Sun. It usually has a diameter of about 28 feet, but varies in size and can sometimes reach a diameter of 100 feet. Its position is also observed to move around in a radius of about 50 feet. It has a frequency of around 28 kilohertz, and is found to vary in intensity with its voltage amplitude ranging from 40 millivolts to 4 volts. Its signal may even be absent for some periods.

No one knows how the beam is generated.  But it is highly unlikely to be of natural origin since most Hertzian energy sources would be expected to radiate in all directions like a radio station, not be confined to a beam.  Beam emission is found in lasers but such beams are monochromatic (single discrete frequency) and this is not.  Moreover no laser is known to lase at such a low frequency.  Another possibility is that it might be a phase conjugate beam similar to technologies developed by the military for use in microwave beam weaponry and aerospace propulsion (e.g., Project Skyvault).  But then again, this implies the existence of highly advanced technology, perhaps more advanced than what 21st century science has achieved.  A 28 kiloHertz Hertzian antenna would need to have a length of at least 2.7 kilometers!  This is far larger than the beam itself, which leads one to conclude that the beam is not generated by a Hertzian transmitter.  This EM beam is also found to be accompanied by an ultrasonic signal beam of similar frequency, one also present at low intensity in the tunnel labyrinth system adjacent to the pyramid.

The anomalous character of the beam is strengthened by the observation that its signal intensity is found to increase with increasing distance above the vertex of the pyramid.  The beam has been detected as high as 30 meters above the pyramid using a drone, and airplane flights are planned to see if the beam can be detected at even higher altitudes.  As one possibility, one might imagine that the beam may have a source above the pyramid (i.e., in space).  But this would require the presence of a geostationary satellite which if present should be known to most superpower defense departments which raises questions as to who would have placed such a probe aimed down at this particular pyramid and why the military allows its homing signal to be broadcast.   Another possibility that has been suggested is that the source of the beam is located perhaps hundreds of meters beneath the center of the pyramid, which would imply that it must have a 10 kilowatt power source associated with it.  One that has continued to function for 34,000 years?  The thought begins to give one the chills.  A high tech fuel-less generator that has been functioning for over 30,000 years if it were encapsulated at the time of the pyramid’s construction?  The other thing is that Hertzian signals even collumnated into a beam always decrease with increasing distance from their transmitter.  Here we have instead a signal that would increase in intensity with increasing distance from its transmitter (i.e., with height above the pyramid).  Such behavior is possible with some phase conjugate beam technologies, but then we must consider the presence of a very advanced technical knowledge dating back to ice age times.  This does not come as that much of a surprise to me based on what I have discovered to be encoded in ancient star lore and creation myths; see my books Genesis of the Cosmos or Earth Under Fire.

This of course pushes one’s credibility to the limits.  It reminds us of the book and movie2001: A Space Odyssey in which a monolith is unearthed on the moon  its presence having been detected by a signal it was periodically broadcasting.  But the presence of this signal at the top of the pyramid is undeniable.  It has been measured by scientists from a number of universities.  Admitting to its existence and the possibility that the pyramid is associated with technology as advanced, or more advanced than our own is probably more than most mainstream archaeologists would be willing or able to handle.  They would  likely block out the whole matter from consideration, no matter what supporting proof was presented for the pyramid’s authenticity.  Because, to admit its existence would mean they must step into what they consider to be “woo woo land”.  Show them evidence that there was organized human civilization building pyramid structures during the mid Ice Age period and they become suspicious.  Show them evidence that this civilization may have been technically highly advanced and they become very angry.  More than anything, the denial by mainstream archeologists reflects on their own psychological limitations when confronted with the unknown.

A similar 28 kHz energy beam has been detected emanating from the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon. Except in this case the primary beam is found to be modulated with a beam of slightly higher frequency of around 42 kHz. What was the purpose of these signals? Valery Uvarov at the 2014 conference in Sarajevo suggested that they might be spacecraft homing beam markers. Airports use the same concept. They transmit an electromagnetic homing beam that airplanes use for landing while on autopilot. Another possibility that has been suggested is that it might be some sort of communication beam. When the ultrasonic beam of the Pyramid of the Sun is electronically converted to bring its sound down to the audible frequency range, its modulations sound to some people as though it is conveying some sort of information.

7) There have been a very large number of ancient prehistoric artifacts, some even inscribed with runic-like symbols, that have been retrieved from the underground tunnel labyrinth excavated near the Pyramid of the Sun at Ravne.  These, which date from the time of the tunnel construction and before its neolithic date of being sealed off, testify to the authenticity of the Visoko site as being of manmade origin.  They are exhibited in the museum and archaeological repository of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation.  I had a chance to view some of them and they are very impressive.  A few are shown in the photos below.  One particular piece, which is very astounding, is a piece of ceramic that contains what appears to be a rusted ferrous bar (third photo below).  Future analysis will confirm if this is the case.  If so, it will push the iron age back to the mid ice age period, with the tantalizing possibility that these pyramid builders were employing metallic machinery in the excavation of the tunnels and in construction of the pyramids.  This again would challenge the limits of credibility of the standard archeologist.

The Ravne Tunnels:
8) I believe that the purpose of paleolithic construction of the tunnel labarynth was to create an underground refuge space where people of those days could take shelter against episodes of elevated superwave cosmic rays as well as from solar flare conflagration disasters. I have shown that a number of such cosmic ray disasters recurrently plagued the Earth during the last ice age. This is substantiated not only by the extensive astronomical and geological evidence outlined in my writings (e.g. in Earth Under Fire), but also in the many legends of the burning of the Earth by the Sun that have been handed down from the past in cultures all over the world. The largest such event to occur immediately prior to the time of the excavation of the Bosnian tunnels and pyramid construction was that which transpired during the 6000 year long hazardous period extending from 44,000 to 38,000 calendar years BP. During this period there occurred the largest Galactic cosmic ray flux event of the last 50,000 years, a tremendous build up of radiocarbon in the Earth’s carbon reservoir due to elevated solar flare activity, and a 400 year-long solar flare induced geomagnetic reversal. During this period Neanderthal man became extinct and particularly in Australia about 90% of Australia’s ice age animals became extinct, including all marsupials exceeding 100 kg, and 22 out of 38 species in the 10 to 100 kg range. Also three large reptiles and three large flightless birds became extinct there. If knowledge of such a horrible event were handed down to the pyramid builders, it is understandable why they would have gone to such extremes to excavate tunnels. Cosmic ray radiation within the tunnels has been measured to be far lower inside the tunnels than outside. So they would have offered a haven of safety.
Some tunnels extend several kilometers underground and these have branch tunnels splitting off every 20 meters or so. Also every so often along their length they widen into a room. One such chamber has a ceiling height of 4 meters and serves as a hub from which eight tunnel passages lead outward. Considering the extensiveness of the tunnel complex, with its many kilometers of branching tunnels as well as many room-like chambers, I estimate that this subterranean labyrinth could have held as many as a million people.
9) The tunnel system somehow regenerates its air, always maintaining its oxygen level at 20% without any need of ventilation. Measurements indicate very high levels of beneficial negative ions in the tunnel atmosphere, 200 times higher than in the outside country air! One possibility is that the 28 kiloHertz ultrasonic vibration that permeates the tunnel somehow induces sonic dissociation of the water droplets, sonic cavitation effects perhaps splitting the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Although this theory needs further testing, photomicrographs made of water droplets in the tunnel show that something excites their surface and causes microscopic water clusters to seed off from their surfaces. People say they feel energized after spending some time within the tunnels and claim to have had health ailments cured. I heard some testimonies first hand. So, many visitors to the Ravne tunnels come for heath purposes, to “energize” themselves. It is reminiscent of healing that takes place at spiritual centers such as Lourdes.
10) Large man-made ceramic stones of amorphous shape have been found in some of the tunnel chambers, some weighing many tons. Most are too large to have been transported into the tunnels and somehow must have been fabricated there. Some of these stones are inscribed with hieroglyphic writing, presumably dating from the mid ice age period. Again, this shatters all concepts of human history. You can understand why the conventional archaeological community has frowned on this excavation project: It throws all their carefully assembled theories out the window.

11) The purpose of the stones is not fully understood.  Some theories suggest that they somehow interact with the energized environment to enhance healing effects reportedly occurring within the tunnels.  People sitting around these stones and meditating or chanting have reported spiritual experiences.  There is also the mystery of the luminous orbs that appear in some camera shots and are seen moving around in some videos taken within the tunnels.  They call to mind the dandelion-seed-like spirit entities portrayed in the movie Avatar.  In my group there were a number of people I met who showed me digital images they had just take which showed the orbs.  Normally these were not visible to the naked eye, not because of their size (because they appear quite large in these shots), but rather because they luminesce at wavelengths outside of the visible, but within the camera’s spectral range.  I guess they may be emitting in the ultraviolet.  Some appeared in the very first picture I took upon entering the Ravne tunnels, but in no others.  This was the shot shown above in which Dr. Osmanagich is leading the way.   I have magnified a portion of this to show the orbs captured in the shot.

To fully appreciate the phenomenon, the orbs must be seen in videos such as these which are uploaded to the net:

Also here is an interview of people who witnessed them:

12) The tunnels which are found 5 to 25 meters underground were meticulously filled in with gravel and closed off by some civilization that resided in that region some time during the present interglacial.  This sealing off is believed to have occurred around 3000 to 5000 years ago.  It is a mystery why they were motivated to close off the tunnels.  For, to do the job that was done would have involved an enormous amount of labor, hundreds of man-years of work.  For these tunnels extend for several kilometers and have branch tunnels splitting off every 20 meters or so.  The entrances to the branch passages are consistently blocked with a “dry wall” made of carefully placed large stones without use of mortar.

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