Artistic Vision in Art Education

The aim of art is to represent not the outward
appearance of things but their inward significance


Activating & Balancing

The Left & Right Sides of Your Brain

Living a full life & teaching art are just a couple of Dipa’s passion.

What makes these art workshops unique is that the art
curriculum is solely based on her personal art experiences.

She is also the only person (that we know of) in Singapore
that combines both art techniques with the world of
quantum mechanics & metaphysics to enhance your
learning experience, bringing you to your full balanced potential.

“We are living in exciting times where we are being called as human
beings to be in total balance with the new frequencies on this earth.
Most people are either dominant in the left or the right side of the brain.
This will not serve you nor the world well. A new renaissance has started.
To enjoy & be a part of it, we need to come into balance within ourselves.“

Dipa Ein Siak

Dipa will guide you through this very personalised art journey
using different artistic & creative approaches, to sweep away
the cobwebs around your eyes & widen your vision to see the
many new layers of colours & dimensions of the world around you.

It about broadening your perspective of what you see & experience
around you so you may breathe & taste a brand new dimension of life.

Dipa’s workshops nurtures the long-term learning, growth &
confidence of each person. Her methods have been known to
have inspired many art students working in corporate jobs to
become more creative in problem solving naturally. Through
the course of her lessons, many have also effortlessly started
contributing to their organisations & society in a positive way.

Having an understanding of the Fundamentals of Art & Design
is usually helpful. Afterall, if you look deeper into the different
design elements & principles, such as Balance, Harmony or
Proportions, they all come from a place within us, right down
to our DNA levels. There is a divine symmetry right there.
She will guide you, step by step, so that you have a richer
& more meaningful understanding of the Art fundamentals
through getting to know yourself along this creative sojourn.

“When you think, you are a thinker, when you labour,
you are a labourer, when you flow, you are a flower.”

Dipa Ein Siak

Workshop notes are provided if needed & there is also
(nearly 24/7) after class support for current students.

Different art styles of work are appreciated & her passion
is to support you in finding your own voice in your art.

She has the gift of being able to tune in & guide each
student clearly, regardless of differences in learning skills.

Here at The Visionary ART Workshop, we LOVE to
Experiment & PLAY with different mediums! Dipa will not
only share you the best materials to work but also how to
differentiate between bad & good materials so you are
empowered to know what to look out for when buying materials.

See Art Tips to learn more!

“Dipa’s teaching style differs from that of the
regular teacher….instead of listing instructions,
she encourages creative freedom &
mindfulness with regards to the work we create.”
Marie Lam

“Dipa pushes my boundaries & makes me excel
at things which I would never believe I could
have accomplished.”
Reetesh Pitroli

“Dipa’s mini lectures are delivered with
creativity coupled with ground-breaking
scientific information that reveals how the
experience & history of art making can enrich
one’s wellness & master one’s sensitivities to
expand the creative repertoire.”
Ezra Yong

“The art lessons are really interesting & the
teaching was very clear & efficient. I learnt a
whole lot of stuff throughout the year…My
technical & creative ability improved quite a bit.”
Jason Lim

“…My technical skills have definitely improved,
when I improved my fundamentals, it became
easier to be creative in…forming ideas.”
Louisa Sugiman

“An excellent teacher in Dipa, who not just
imparts the necessary art techniques but also
encourages the use of the right brain….
enabling me to see life more holistically
through the use of both sides of my mind.
Highly recommended!”
Eugene Toh

When it is Easy, Joyful,
Relaxing & Interesting

That’s When You Learn Best

“Rather than forming dependent learners, I show students
the different possible pathways that you may choose to
take & guide you towards your full potential as a creative being.”
Dipa Ein Siak

Learners are empowered to take responsibility of your own learning journey.
So, asking questions will help to give an indication of where you need to go.

Students are encouraged to explore & discover a broad
range of new & known techniques & approaches as that
will enhance your scope in versatility of style so you may
communicate your feelings & ideas effectively to the world.

Dipa responds accordingly to the group dynamics & individual requirements.
Every lesson is different & flows towards what is best for that moment.

Real learning begins when students
take courage to explore & experiment.

Depending on where you are at, she may: Share ideas, pose
Socratic questions to stimulate you to come up with your own creations.

Expand upon your area of interest & bring to light what you are best at.

Here’s to the shining
creative being in you!