Art Portfolio Class

We Welcome & Support

IB Students
GCSE & A level Students
Bachelor’s Degree Students
Any adult wishing to change their vocation to art
or any creative field
Anyone with a passion to learn!

* Students who are applying for entry to any of the following
local & International courses in Art & Design Colleges & Universities.

* Foundation in Art, Fine Art, Design, Engineering Design School,
Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Animation,
Photography, Jewellery, Fashion Design, Sculpture & much more.

* SOTA, La’Salle Collage of the Arts, Nangyang Academy of Fine Arts.

* Look no further, we are specialized in guiding you with your own unique Art Portfolio.

* Age intake for Art Portfolio Course: From 10 yrs to adults.

Your Dream Art University

Working together for over 2 decades with students who are committed in time & love for their art we are proud to say that we have successfully supported many students into the Dream colleges of their choice locally & abroad at many top Art & Design Universities. Unless specified by you, this is not a ‘quick fix’ portfolio course but one that will give you lifelong skills for your chosen Artistic path.
“I have found major changes in my artistic
style, the classes completely transformed my
view of what I thought were difficult before,
the experience has been incredibly rewarding.”
Tara Chandrasekaran

“I have attended art lessons for 11 years in
other art schools & have never been taught in
so much in such a short period of time as in
Dipa’s class.”
Devani Ramnath

“Dipa has incredible precision to her technical
teaching which provides a sound platform to “reach
for the stars” in a wonderfully fun & creative way.”
Carla Tucker

“To my pleasant surprise, I was well equipped
& more than prepared compared to my other
classmates when I enrolled for higher art
studies due to what I had learnt with Dipa”
Daryl Tay

“Dipa’s workshops are very informative &
enriching. She is a very patient & professional
teacher who knows how to engage her
Helen Liande

“Not only did I receive a structured education
in basic art skills & knowledge, I was provided
with a chance to explore my own potential.”
Ang Min Wei

A Balance of Skills & Aptitude

Engaging Art Class for Teens & Adults in Singapore

*Clear explanation of what the assessors are looking for.

*We are specialised in helping you to gain a strong foundation &
very clear understanding of the Art & Design Elements & Principles.

*We believe in imparting lifelong drawing skills using simple to understand
teaching methods so that you will be able to draw any given subject well.

*You will learn how to use different art mediums of your choice effectively.

*You will learn everything you need to know about presenting a strong &
winning art portfolio & get to see examples of top students’ art portfolios.

*You will be provided clear notes that actually help you to learn.

*We will guide you to find your own unique voice for your
portfolio so that it stands out gloriously from the crowd!

*Learn how to present yourself & communicate effectively in interviews.

*All great artists or creative doers know the secret of getting great
work done ~ Effortlessly. Here, you will learn the secret of how to do so.

*We will share the secrets of how to get into the Art College of your choice.

*We will be exploring many fascinating topics. As such, you will find
ourself to be naturally focused when learning & at the same time, having FUN !

*Certificates of different skill sets achieved may be awarded to
those who show exceptional commitment & passion for their art.

*We offer online support for those urgent hours, especially near submission deadlines.

*We are also very proud of our wide range of relevant &
exceptional private collection of great books for art reference.

Experience a Creative Space

This is an equally perfect class for those who
are unsure if Art is an area that you wish to be in.

Here, you will be able to experience what it
feels like to be in a Creative environment.

You will be able to get a feel of what being in
an art industry entails & make more informed
choices & decisions for your life’s path.

Giving Time To Yourself

Giving yourself time to learn, an openness
to learning & a commitment to your own
progress is required if you wish to excel.

We nurture Excellence by Co-Creating with students.
If you are ready & passionate about learning & getting
into the Art College of your choice, contact us now.