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Art For Neurodivergents, Special Needs

Building Self-Esteem

The Foundation of Happiness

This art workshop is perfect for any neurodivergent individuals of all ages with low self-esteem,  anxiety, anger issues or fears, people who have difficulty in coping with life or people around.

We do not focus on labels but for ease of communication, we welcome children, teens & adults with the any of the following diagnosis & more ~ Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Aphantasia & so on.

Neurodivergent children & teens ~ In a nut shell, through various age appropriate art & other sensorial activities, art & life explorers get to experience different mediums, work on fine & gross motor skills, interpersonal skills & most of all, we are focused on building a healthy sense of self-esteem. 

Rather than pandering on ”end results” – whatever that may be, we look in the direction of guiding each individual to experience the creative pathways of enjoying their unique journey here on earth. 

Rooted Transformation Through Art

Bringing Back a Deep Remembrance of One’s True Nature ~ Joy

We work with integrity & honesty for the highest good of each person.  To be able to see rooted transformation, we have found through experience, that working on an individual basis, irregardless of age, is the most direct journey on this path of happiness, peace &  the feeling of belonging.

Parents or caregivers belong & grow together in the neurodivergents’ journey.  If what has been done so far is not working, being flexible & open to recognise &  make small shifts to old ways of thinking or doing is vital in everyones well being.
Are you ready ?

If you resonate with what you have read so far,  call now to arrange a complimentary visit to the nature surrounded healing art studio for a discussion on how we may serve.


Dipa Ein Siak has a Masters in Psychotherapy & is accredited with & trained in many natural, highly effective alternative healing modalities. Her successes with neurodivergent individuals of all ages comes from the 30+ years of experiences in her art practises & her personal journey with her neurodivergent son, family members & friends. 


“… it has been fulfilling, therapeutic & refreshing experience…Dipa taught me to look at ordinary everyday things in a different light”
Melissa Than
“This is by far the most enjoyable class I have been to…. unlike other classes, I’m relaxed at the end of the lesson.”
Ting Ting
“Dipa is a warm & humorous person who makes learning fun.”
Dorothy Chan
“I am always looking forward to my Weekly art classes.”
Ong Yuyi
“Thanks for the advice given to my daughter…Your art studio provides a peaceful ambience that gives me calmness & escape from 2 hrs of reality.”
Lee Lee
“The lessons have been extremely satisfying & invigorating. I was able to understand everything easily. I learnt that there is more to art than just drawing & painting.”
Akira Ong
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A Sense of Belonging

Invites Inner Peace & Balance

Exploring art together with the main five senses, this workshop aims to guide participants to be aware of their unique talents, feel a sense of belonging & being accepted in this world.  It is a space to experience inner balance within a safe & non-judgemental surrounding. To support individuals in reconnecting within a world of wonder & resounding relaxation. 


Students will have sensorial fun experimenting with different art mediums, enjoy many creative activities, connect with nature & at the same time engage within a space that supports who they are. Re-discovering their hidden strengths & special gifts that may be suppressed & regain a feeling of acceptance for their uniqueness in the way they view life.


From Moment to Moment

Each person’s needs & requirements are unique & we work from moment to moment & use whatever tools we know of for the best of each individual’s inner health.

We may also work for hand in hand with the caregiver or parent for the best of the individual.

The criteria for joining this workshop is if the participant has:
*Looked through this website.
*Is willing & open to visit.

Subsidies for low-income families are offered.