About The Art Classes

We Give You

* Excellence in Art Techniques *

We Support

* Special Needs *

We Invite You To

* A Whole New Way of Seeing *

We Harness Your

* True Inner Creativity *

We Bring

* Meaning In What You Do *

We Guide You

* To self-awareness & understanding *
“Dipa’s teaching style is superior than art
teachers that I have encountered in London &
Singapore because she really gives me the
guidance that I need.”
Cahyaning Trimurti

“Dipa’s incredible combination of technical
skill & explorative creative approach is a
magic mix that propels students to an artistic
realm they never thought possible!”
Carla Tucker

“Dipa’s classes helped me a lot, because it is
not like (other) art classes….  We even had
a class on Christmas! But thanks to all this,
I am now in my dream college!”
Pricilla Kwee

“Dipa has exposed me to a variety of
techniques….that I would have had to
pick up from several different
art courses ordinarily.”
Archana Shah

“This workshop is very inspiring as I was
being introduced to different methods
& styles of drawing. …They definitely
improved my accuracy & creativity.”
Mao Bang Yuan

“The most significant benefit I gained by
taking art lessons with Dipa is that it provides
me the room & a direction to develop my own
judgement about what makes sense in art.”
Julia Kong

Art lessons are well structured, organised, clear with detailed,
easy to understand, step by step guidance on artistic approach.
Every student gains clarity & confidence in their artistic journey here.
These are highly experiential & interesting workshops with
secrets & art insights from Dipa’s over 30 years of personal art
& creative experiences. Find out what other art instructors &
artists do not tell you anywhere else!

We give plenty of room for learning in the moment. Hence, every workshop
journey will be different to suit each group & individual’s learning direction.

To create a deeper & more coherent learning pace for students, we only allow
small groups to form & all new students begin their art journeys afresh together
from the start, no jumping into groups with different levels of learning.

Students who choose to have private individual class time will have the flexibility
of dates as well as a specially designed art programme just for you, so you may
save time as well as Enjoy your private creative journey at your own pace.

This gives you a stronger foundation, a clearer understanding & more
meaningful connection towards the approach & appreciation of art,
providing an optimum learning environment for you.

You will gain techniques & approaches to creating that will enhance &
broaden your scope in versatility of style so you may express your
feelings & ideas effectively to your audience.

We offer a vaste range of fantastic content rich art classes & good vibrations!
We also offer an extensive private collection of great books for art referencing.
Students are welcome to request for books on topics not found
in our giant art bookcase. Be guided to find your inner freedom &
follow your yellow brick road of Art & Creative life!