About Dipa

The Birth of
The Visionary ART Workshop

“Never having had any guidance at all myself in the art techniques of drawing,
painting and creating, I learned how to master skills, fumbling through the hard
& a long way. There is no need now for you to go through that! My gift is having
the ability to transfer what I know & guide you, the easy way, to be able to
(really) interesting, relaxing, enjoyable & fun. In widening your perspectives
about life through art, for all of us to grow in all ways to be the best human
that we can be on this earth. To be able to see and appreciate the beauty
of this life, which in fact is really just one big piece of artwork, a magical creation.

Art & Design Work Experience

She was a part-time art lecturer for 8 years at LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts Singapore & has since been embarking on & recreating a unique journey of art re-education here in Singapore. She has developed an exciting, enriching & multi-dimensional art curriculum ~ blending art techniques with physics, quantum & metaphysics. It is something to be experienced to fully appreciate the essence of the workshops

The years of experiences working on her own art & her own personal journey, together with her love for learning, has led her to develop an enriching & multi-dimensional art curriculum today ~ blending art techniques with physics, quantum & metaphysics. Sharing personal secrets on how to make great art as well as empowering students to find their inner joy & freedom

Besides supporting many art students with their art portfolios to successfully gain entry into the art colleges & universities of their dreams, she also specialises in SelfAwareness Art with teens & adults. Working with students who require extra support in life due to low self-confidence, anxiety, autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia & so on. Guiding clients on how to transform depression & stress to relaxation, inner peace & well-being She has also been teaching creativity using a multiple intelligences curriculum to children ages 3 to 6 weekly for over 18 years in two kindergartens

Education & Trainings

Dipa Ein Siak aka Fahn-ein Siak is a Professional Artist
& a gifted intuitive Art Education Specialist. She is
accredited by the Department of Education UK &
Singapore as an Art & Design Specialist for teens and
adults with more than 20 years of experience in the
field of Creativity, having guided over a thousand local
& international art students to their full human creative
potential & to fulfill their passion for learning art.
Students from a colourful array of backgrounds all uncover
their personal unique voice in Dipa’s art studio haven.

Honours  Degree  in  Fine  Arts

Dipa was trained with an Honours Degree in Fine Arts from Kingston University in Greater London & holds a Postgraduate in Art & Design Education from the prestigious Goldsmiths’ University of London inEngland ranked & selected as one of the top universities in London by The Good University Guide.

In 1999, she took a 4 year sabbatical from visual & theoretical art lecturing traveling in India, Germany & the UK. Her travels abroad led her to pursue a second complementary career & she now holds an accredited Masters Degree in Social Science & Psychotherapy.

In addition, she has vast experience in many alternative health & inner wellness modalities, and meditations techniques & is the first in Singapore to be trained & certified in Systemic Family Constellation Work, a highly effective energetic transformative work started by Bert Hellinger that involves Rupert Sheldrake’s hypothesis on the “morphic field”.

She has also trained & conducted workshops in mindful fire poi dance!


She was the founder of the non-profit Outer & Inner Wellness group ~ The Garden of Consciousness in Singapore collaborating with other international facilitators. Organizing interesting & meaningful soul journeys & tours all around the world.

Dipa was nominated by Dr Semir Osmanagich to be an advisory member for the non-profit Bosnian Pyramid’s Foundation’s International team. Dr Osmanagich is the discoverer of the current largest pyramid in the world, who also runs the largest active archaeological excavation site in the world.

She is also one of the first to introduce The Visionary Light & Sound therapy in Singapore. A non-invasive, positive brainwave entrainment for visionary journeys, meditation, relaxation & inner peace.

Exhibitions & Private Collectors

Dipa’s artworks have been collected worldwide by prominent
private collectors and auctioned at the prestigious Bonhams
Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers (est 1793) in London.

They are also part of the collection at Artbank at the Singapore ART Museum.

Other corporate collectors:

Singapore Airlines, The Esplanade, The National Library
Board, Swissotel, and Hotel Intercontinental to name a few.

She has been interviewed by Channel News Asia Singapore, The Straits Times, Shin Min Newspaper & numerous magazine publications, hailed as ”an artist to watch”. She was an invited guest on Medicorp Singapore for a radio interview on the topic of “The Art of Living a Fulfilling Life”.

Her paintings have been invited for exhibit at the distinguished Contemporary Art Society in London, at the Tresors Fine Art & Antique Fair in Singapore, at the Taipei International Art Fair, at the Asean Centre in Tokyo, Japan just to name a few.

Since having dedicated the bulk of her time guiding & sharing with students, she is currently taking more time for herself to pursue her personal art journey which has developed & transformed along with her life journey.

Her art takes viewers gently to a beautifully mystifying multi-dimensional world of the soul & spirit that transcends time, space & verbal language. Enjoy!

Exhibitions & Private Collectors


*Mandalas & Full Moon Festival , Phillipines
*Art-2 Gallery, Feature, Singapore
*Art-2 Gallery, Feature 3, Singapore
*Tresors Art Fair, Art-2, Singapore
*ASEAN CENTRE, Tokyo, Japan
*CHIJMES-Caldwell House Gallery,
“Art Power–In Aid of The Substation”, Singapore
*Kandang Kerbau Hospital, “Personae II”, Singapore
*Taipei International Art Fair, Taiwan
*Shell Discovery 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Singapore
*Emoh Café, “Drawings by Eight Lecturers from La’Salle-SIA”, Singapore
*Substation Gallery,
“Remembrance & A Sheep in a Box”, Singapore
*Art-2 Gallery, Feature 7, Singapore
*LaSalle Gallery, Singapore
*World Trade Centre, “Art in Asia”, Singapore
*Shell Discovery Exhibition, Singapore
*Bonhams Auction, London UK
*Morley Gallery, London UK
*Business Design centre, London UK
*Smith’s Gallery, Contemporary Art Society, London UK
*Bonhams Auction, London UK.
*YMCA Group Exhibition, Kingston UK.


Artbank at Singapore Art Museum
Deutsch Bank
Singapore Airlines
Swissotel (Westin Stamford), Singapore
The Esplanade, Singapore
Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore Changi Prison 
Hotel Intercontinental, Singapore
Mediacorp Television Singapore
DBS Land, Singapore
Mobile One Pte Ltd
National Library Board, Singapore
Breathing Space, Singapore
Morley Gallery, UK
Nongsa Resort, Indonesia
Other known Private Collections in China,
France, Australia, England, Indonesia, HK, USA.
Dipa’s paintings were also featured in German-Singapore movie epic
House of Harmony.”


* Pre-school For Multiple Intelligences
* National University of Singapore
* The Association of Mouth Foot Painting Artists of the World
* Singapore Changi Prison School
* La’Salle College of the Arts
* Bosnian Non-Profit Pyramid Foundation
* Sentosa
* Body Mind Spirit & Love & Light Fair
* ALife Counselling Centre
* Body, Mind, Spirit Festival
* Anglo-Chinese School
* North Spring Primary School
* Raffles Girls School
* Assumption English School
* NuLife Care & Counselling Services

* The Children’s Workshop
* GNS School of Business & Technology
* Singapore Tyler Print Institute
* Red Dot Singapore
* Overseas Family School
* Drama Centre
* Aspin Wall Clousten, Singapore/UK
* Phillips
* Opera Gallery
* Sentosa Underwater World
* Homestead Designs
* Bower Park School, UK
* Epsom School for Girls, UK
* Royal Marsden Hospital, UK
* Elefriends, UK