Experience a Truly Unique

Engaging Art Class for Teens & Adults in Singapore

Highly Acclaimed Art Classes

For the Discerning Adult Student

“Her systematic methodology & strong work
ethic always ensure positive results.”
Milenko Prvacki,

Dean La'Salle, SIA College of Fine Arts

“I look forward to her class due to the
freedom…to be myself.”
Catherine Tang

“I learnt that there is more to art
than just drawing & painting”
Akira Ong

“I have been amazed by the artistic growth &
development I have achieved under Dipa’s
Carla Tucker

“A lifesaver & much better than
art teaching books.”
Tam Do

“An important person in
my education life”
Joyan Chan

Professional Art Portfolio Class

Art Education, Creativity Re-Education

Create & Paint Your Visions

In a Relaxing & Supportive Environment

Explore Different Art Mediums

Topics and Art Genres

Professionally Informed

Art Classes for Adults & Teens Singapore

Learn from an experienced London-trained Art & Design Education
Specialist Committed to giving easy-to-understand lessons
for all. Accredited by UK & Singapore Ministry of Education

It’s About Awesome Art Techniques,
Life & Plenty of Good Vibrations!

Students’ ART Gallery